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Search Engine Marketing and Promotion Services Company

Part of online business success today is to have search engine marketing and promotion services as a business scheme to help promote products or services. There are a lot of SEM companies that offer this kind of business service but in order to know who would give the best service, try and take a look at their packages and search engine marketing solutions. There is a lot of outsourcing companies on search engine marketing services but be sure to remember to take a good look at what they have in store for our business so that at the end of the transaction, you can be sure that you will benefit from the services that the search engine marketing company offers.

A good search engine marketing services firm is one that has a complete line of services that will make you stop and think for a while. A company that offers all types of services like SEO consulting, link building, search engine marketing, link popularity campaign, PPC management and more. Most of all, these services should all come with packages that online businesses would love to take part in.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Credit Card Payment Processing and Your Merchant Account

Credit card payment processing is one of the most important part for shoppers and consumers as well as the merchants who are selling their products and services. This is the same reason why most merchants would rather go for a swift and secure credit card payment processing scheme. this service for them helps their business grow more and increase on return on investment(ROI).

Allowing this type of service for your business will surely result to success as people with credit card these days prefer the easy way to pay for goods or services. On the part of a merchant, he should make sure that his credit card payment processing through a merchant account would serve his business to a point where he can easily manage his merchant account.

With this situation at hand, I would like to put special emphasis on a company that deals with services related to merchant banking and credit card services. They serve merchants who need online credit card processing with customer payments and merchant offline shops or retail stores. For particulars and specific information on their services, you can visit them at and see what difference they can give your business in terms of online and offline credit card payment processing.

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Take the Video Conferencing Advantage with Baselux

Video Conferencing and your Business

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Taking Advantage of a Video Conferencing Solution

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Join Baselux Video Conferencing Community

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Sam Casuncad SEO Profiles

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Swinging Along with BPO in the Philippines

A Major Shift in the BPO Industry

There was a major shift in the BPO industry in the Philippines cooking these days along with the exit of the year as different Indian companies start to shift operations directed to Philippines shores according to some reports. This specific turnout of events were estimated by some BPO industry analysts and economists to carry with it optimism that the BPO industry in the Philippines will continue to drag to the country more of the share in the BPO market and become the top venue for BPO jobs and companies to deal offshore business here by 2008.

As Different Telemarketing Outsourcing Companies, BPO Companies, Medical Transcription Outsourcing Companies and Call Center (Contact Center) Outsourcing Companies in the likes of GXS, Convergys, HP, Client Logic, Sykes, Dell, IBM, Safeway, eTelecare, People Support and more are optimistic that there will be an even stronger support for the industry's growth by the Philippine government, there are also certain estimates that higher return on investments will pour down in the country by 2008 in the said industry. This is probably one of the reasons why the Indian venue of these different BPO companies shifted operations here.

Philippines Joins the AHIMA Conference in the U.S.

Combining efforts by the government in the recently concluded American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conference in the USA which estimates the Philippines to be a top destination for business ventures by big BPO and medical transcription outsourcing companies based in the health sector in America. Another reason for the major shift of the Industry is because India is said to have tripled its lease rates to the companies investing there in the BPO, Telemearketing, Medical Transcription Call Center (contact center) outsourcing industry.

Reasons BPO Companies will Swing to Philippines Shores

According to a presentation of Craig Reines (Teletech vice-president and general manager) in the Philippines last June, he mentioned specifically that India has tripled its lease rate in the last four years. Also wages of the common worker increased up to 13 percent while the attrition rate reached a high of 40 percent per month while the 30 % can be accounted to salary of the managers. This is a very significant figure based on the rate of costs for the different BPO companies (telemarketing outsourcing companies, medical transcription outsourcing, KPO, BPO and more...) in India and this can be some of the compelling reasons why the expectation of the Philippines is rising as New Year fast approaches. This has become a signal for many professionals in the BPO industry in India to move on to other venues and the Philippines is the most favorable for this business type second to India. There are presently other compelling issues that put the Philippines as a top choice such as, the ratio of labor force, western assimilation and availability of more professionals which can play as a major factor to convince Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies to put the Philippines on their top list this coming 2008.

A recent study showed that by 2010, India's labor force in the business process outsourcing sector could possibly reach twice it is now in a matter of four years. According to some reports, it is an estimated from 1million to 2.4 million. Other popular BPO analysts also reported that some companies in Singapore were also interested in taking part in the BPO labor and investment markets in the Philippines. For Singapore, this will be particularly in the offshore back-office end related services and jobs.

Philippines will be a Busy Medical Transcription Outsourcing Venue by 2008

Philippines Participated in the AHIMA Conference with Health Industry Professionals

In the recently held American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conference and exhibition, where Philippines joined, the country is expected to bag up deals from various American companies related to Medical transcription outsourcing. This hopes to make the Philippines as the next busy venue for other medical transcription outsourcing jobs which will make us one of the top destinations of the medical transcription industry by 2008.

In the meet-up which comprises both small and medium medical transcription service organizations, AHIMA is said to have passed a grant to these medical transcription service organizations some $1.4 million worth of deals that came from within the association.

Philippines is Soon to be a Top BPO Destination

In the AHIMA, a quote says that, "The reason that we decided for a consortium is to show large companies based in the U.S. that the Philippines has the ability to handle their accounts, and has enough headroom for future requirements" said Raoul Sia, President of Rapid Data. As this will mean bigger opportunities for the Philippine job market and the Philippine BPO professionals this also hopes to balloon up the ever growing medical transcription outsourcing industry this coming 2008. The growth in this specific industry will also put the Philippines as one of the top destinations for both BPO (business process outsourcing) and KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) at the same time this coming year. Furthermore, this specific event expects the country to topple its greatest rival in the BPO and KPO industry which is India.

AHIMA is a pool of dynamic professionals in the health information and management services industry where it represents more than 51,000 health industry specialists that are highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals regarding the industry as they all work throughout the healthcare service.

The annual conventions where the Philippines took part in is for the purpose of service to prospect destinations as well as meet the different decision-makers in the health service industry

A Study of the Philippine BPO Industry by IDEA

IDEA - Institute for Development and Economic Analysis (IDEA) chairman Cayetano Paderanga, Jr. in an interview today (Dec.07, 2007) said that the Philippines has an edge over competing countries when BPO industry is at stake.

In the discussed interview which actually focuses on one of the best Filipino trait which is "empathy" (malasakit) also common to many South East Asian countries today he mentioned that this has become a prime player in the current status of the growth of BPO industry here in the Philippines. The chairman quoted that "Empathy or malasakit is a Southeast Asian trait that we believe is becoming an advantage for Filipinos who are hired to man the growing BPO industry".

IDEA is a group that was recently commissioned by Bayan Telecommunications or Bayantel to carefully analyze and to study the current outsourcing industry state in the Philippines. Another factor IDEA mentioned that enables the Philippines to become one of the best destination of BPO jobs and business investments is because the country has the best inclination to western culture and the professionals here were able to speak the English language fluently and with proficiency.

With this specific relations and point of view to Filipino professionals to outside investors on BPO, western Europe and US firms are looking forward to locate their offshore operations in the country.

The USD$355 Million IPVG Offer for Major Stocks at People Support

According to ZDNet Asia in a report yesterday (Dec.06, 2007) by Joel D. Pinaroc, People Support, one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines received a bulk offer of USD $355 million cash proposal to get the majority stake of the said BPO company that mainly deals with contact center business. Poeple Support is also one of the top BPO companies rendering services on telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines with an estimated seating of about 8,000 capacity.

This is by far one of the best things that could possibly happen in the BPO market here in the Philippines as multi-national companies from around the world are starting to see potentials of investing in this kind of business here in the Philippines. This is in terms of Business Process Outsourcing and other related industries like Telemarketing Outsourcing, Knowledge Process outsourcing, Call Center and Contact Center Business Outsourcing, Medical Transcription Outsourcing and more.

This particular event in Philippine history of BPO will hopefully trigger more revenue earning schemes for the country in the coming 20008 new year. IPVG by the way is a company group that deals with and is currently engaged in the information technology and communications space business.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

4 Reasons to Advance in Telemarketing Outsourcing Business in the Philippines

Labor Integration with Telemarketing Outsourcing in the Philippines

Offshore telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines had its ups and downs, but mostly, the different companies that merge with Philippines local labor sectors regarding jobs for the telemarketing outsourcing industry find the country a venue that's most favorable to engage in this kind of business.

There are of course so many reasons why these offshoring experts prefer the Philippines as a primary choice of venue for establishing prestige in the telemarketing industry that serves the world market.

English Proficiency

The first reason for gaining advantage on establishing a telemarketing outsourcing business here in the Philippines is the favorable climate for this type of business due to availability of quality manpower professionals with high English proficiency in terms of both speaking and writing skills. This is actually a major factor that pays off for these companies trying to make a name for their own benefits utilizing the Philippine manpower resources.

Client Behavior Pointing to a Strategic Location

Second to which is the advantage in terms of the purchasing behavior of prospective clients. Mostly, these clients have a tendency to outsource their telemarketing service needs to places that are strategic and most possibly nearer to their location. This way, they can easily draw a conclusion based primarily in terms of security of services.

Outbound Telemarketing Specialization over Cost Effectivity

Outbound telemarketing specialization over cost effectiveness - We all know that all types of services are probably in twin with cost-effectiveness, therefore all aspects pointing to this should not be a factor to see when matters of advantages of establishing telemarketing outsourcing business in the Philippines is concerned. It would therefore be more proper to consider specialization in the field and this is where Filipinos have the extra advantage over other countries like Pakistan, India or China.

Geographical Location and Security

Strategic Location - The strategic location also plays an important role in the recent boom of the telemarketing outsourcing industry here in the Philippines because of the prime factor that the country has which is the fact that it lined with shore in all directions pointing to every possible communication leads with respect to possibilities of earning better chances at converting business leads better that other countries.

Earning from Outsourced Data Entry Jobs

The Data Entry Outsourcing Jobs Industry

Outsourcing is an industry that involves multiple data entry outsourcing jobs scheme from call center data entry, medical transcription data entry and telemarketing outsourcing data entry. One of the best parts of this scheme is now being offered by some companies that are looking for legitimately willing people who wants to work for them in data entry jobs. Specifically, this type of job according to the people behind this scheme is where you can find out that the payout is significantly higher than an actual in-house job in the office.

Membership Fees for Accessing Member Companies

The only problem with the data entry outsourcing scheme is that it usually charges some sort of a membership fee before you can actually get an equivalent job from them using the internet. This simply means that aside from the requirement that you have to have a 24/7 internet connection, you also have to pay the said membership which at times may hard for those who are willing to work for these companies. I read in one website that in order to have an outsourced data entry job from these outsourcing companies, you have to pay $ 50 -$ 60 for a lifetime registration fee with lifetime access to the different jobs they have to offer for you.

Understanding Data Entry Outsourcing Jobs

Data entry outsourcing scheme is a type of job where you can work from home and from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a PC. You can also work anytime you choose as long as you can finish the outsourced work in time as agreed upon by the outsourcing party, the data entry scheme company and you. This is almost what we can call as a no holds barred type of job where your boss is yourself and the deadlines are up to you how you manage to finish on time for an agreed contract for the specific type of job. When you pay the membership, the first and most important part of the scheme that you may be interested to take a look and explore is the data entry outsourcing companies with which you can possibly have an outsourced job offered to you.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Philippines, BPO and the U.K.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines will soon be recognized as the top outsourcing services venue for many countries like the U.K. In a report last October 26, the National Outsourcing Association of London based in the U.K. picked the Philippines as the top destination of offshoring this coming year which means that there will be a major turnaround in the place of India in the BPO and KPO industry in relation to offshoring services as the Philippines takes some of the available slots for Philippine BPO related jobs and market from the said country which sits on top over other Asian countries today.

In the conference held in London on its fourth national awards, the Business Process Association of the Philippines and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines receiving a statement from the Team Europe project leader that the awards will help make the Philippines as one of the target venues for some of their outsourcing jobs which will make the country a little more on edge over other Asian countries with respect to the BPO industry.

This significant event hope to give a little more edge over tops spot for the BPO industry related jobs and works that the Filipinos are looking forward in the coming years as one of the top spots and destination for offshoring services related jobs. This will truly help the country recover in the economy in terms of earning extra dollar through foreign investments from the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines.

Monday, October 8, 2007

India, Loosing BPO Grip Over Philippines

Is India Loosing BPO Outsourcing Jobs and Services to the Philippines?

This is a very simple question and deserves a second look because the sensitivity of the BPO industry and the telemarketing outsourcing business is just a part of BPO both in India and the Philippines. Lately, the Philippines has been the eye of many telemarketing outsourcing firms and companies because of the ideal climate of this business nature today. News here and news there tells that India will soon loose its prime in the BPO industry as the Philippines is gaining some leverage in getting in the country some of the top BPO firms investing and growing their business each year and other venues like Europe is starting to see this.

India is Second to None in the Telemarketing Outsourcing Business

Everybody knows that India is the number one source and destination of almost 90 % of the BPO industry and telemarketing outsourcing business in the whole world for so many years until now but the Philippines is seemingly taking all the attention with so many business ventures now going on in the Philippines. eTelecare for example is acquiring AOL and their office in the Philippines is optimistic that there must be at least a thousand more jobs for the Filipinos that will soon be out for grabs because they are establishing an office in Tarlac.

The Philippines Challenges India with BPO

The challenge that Philippines is posing to India is growing more each day and by the year 2008, the Philippines will surely give India a good margin with respect to telemarketing outsourcing business. In recent survey that was concluded, one of the hindrance that Philippines is facing regarding the second thoughts of establishing BPO companies, BPO services and BPO jobs is in its nature of politics and the weather that it faces with so many typhoons and climate. But this will all be settled as soon as the climate in the BPO industry grows more and removes doubts because of the growing revenues of other big companies. In line to this, the Philippines is expecting to get a bigger chunk of the European market this 2008 and the years to come.

Boosting Business Process Outsourcing Jobs on Telemarketing

Another Telemarketing Outsourcing Business Venture

One of the best telemarketing outsourcing company here in the Philippines, eTelecare, will soon be opening up to at least a 1,000 more jobs for the Filipinos in Clark, Pampanga. This will surely follow after the said giant in the telemarketing outsourcing industry acquired the subsidiary of America On Line or AOL according to Inquirer News yesterday.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Business Jobs

After producing so many jobs already here in Metro Manila for their telemarketing outsourcing business, eTelecare is now planning to expand their operations in Pampanga upon the acquisition of the AOL customer service subsidiary. The announcement was already announced last month and were only able to totally get a hit in the news yesterday. This special event will be another milestone in the telemarketing outsourcing industry in the Philippines as there were already so many other big companies looking forward to become partners with the Philippines in terms of business process outsourcing, specifically the telemarketing outsourcing Philippines industry.

eTelecare, Expands Their Telemarketing Business

Aside from this new venture by eTelecare in expanding their business scope in other places in the Philippines, it already boasts of six other popular call center outsourcing businesses here in the Philippines that are already in operation and continually giving thousands of jobs to many Filipinos. This also make us be proud of the present condition of the BPO Philippines industry.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Telemarketing Outsourcing in the Philippines

12,000 New Telemarketing Jobs Coming In the Philippines

Just the other night in the news, I heard about the IT industry moving on in the Philippines as what the president is stating proudly. This is because she said, that the Philippine call center industry is going to a rise of 12,000 new jobs related to call center and the the target is to give it to the Filipinos who the foreign investors called as good professionals when it comes to dealing with deadlines and customers in the call center or telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines as a largely growing industry in the archipelago.

The Telemarketing Industry in the Philippines

Aside from this public announcement by the president of the Philippines, there were at least two high officials from the telemarketing industry who took a stand ans said that the Philippines has one of the best potentials of becoming the number one source of call center agents as an outsourcing boom this coming year of 2008. Teletech, also a world leader in the telemarketing industry told the newsmen that one of the best leading sources from which they get manpower for outsourcing venues if from a prestigious school named STI, one of the leaders in IT related courses in the Philippines today.

High Officials Believe the Philippines could be the Number One Source for Telemarketing Outsourcing Jobs

Another high ranking official of an outsourcing company based here in the Philippine also told that the Filipinos had a great expectation this year as the call center outsourcing industry is planning on giving high priority to those who are looking forward to have a job in the call center this year and would like to close out the coming year as one of the elite manpower who supplies the growing need for a job at the telemarketing industry in an outsourcing venue here in the Philippines.

Outsourcing Your Chicago Moving Services

Moving to Chicago?

Chicago is one of the best states in the U.S, as the people and the local government is contributing to make the best community in the whole of the country. People who are looking for a new place to stay are always going to need some moving services especially if they are going to transfer within the Chicago Illinois area.

Chicago Moving Services

Outsourcing moving services is not really that hard to come by as there were many Chicago movers along the states main in Illinois and this will be a great moving party if you are also someone who is planning or on the way to mover from one place to another. If you need some great tips and guides on your Chicago moving, go to Chicago Movers and you can be sure that you will find the best tips and guides regarding everything about moving like Chicago moving boxes, Chicago moving accessories, Chicago moving trucks, Chicago self storage, Chicago piano movers and many more. You can be sure with Chicago Movers that you are just thin line away from getting the best deals regarding your Chicago Movers services within or even outside of Chicago Illinois.

So the next time that you are going to move in at Chicago or even just a few blocks of moving services, outsource your Chicago moving services to the best Chicago moving company and get your tips and guides with your Chicago moving services from Movers Chicago.

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Free Web Hosting - Unlimited Sub-Domains - Your Own Domain

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Outsourcing the Philippine Travel Business Services

BPO in the Travel Industry - Cebu Car Rentals

If you are not familiar with the trends in the Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines you better read some of the relevant posts that i made about Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines today here. They are about Business Process Outsourcing on call centers as you will find different details on how the business is going on in the BPO Philippines arena. Although this is just a small portion of the Philippine business service offering to the many incoming investments and investing people from all over the world, allow me to discuss about it. This is to capitalize in the status of the travel industry in the Philippine archipelago today.

Cebu Car Rental- An Outsourced Business Service

Specifically this post is about the car rental industry that lately boomed because of the increase in the traveling business or the business process outsourced here today. Reasons may vary from being cost-effective to convenience to simply because the Philippine business industry 's very own atmosphere offers a variety of convenience to many business owners today. If you would decide to come over to the Philippines for a business trip or a business investment and you are to specifically come over at Cebu, then the first things you should really consider is having that safe trip that you are looking for in the little but beautiful island of Cebu. A prestigious company that offers convenient service in traveling car rental is Cebu Trip. Offering outsourced service from Cebu car rental, Cebu airport car pick-up, Cebu City tours, business trips, conventions, out of town trips and car and van leasing. Remember that you cannot always trust your instincts to play the role for you and your business trip, so i would suggest that you go with a trusted service for the car rental business that has been offering the business sector all the conveinece of the travel plus peace of mind.

Cebu Car Rental - Safe Travel

Cebu car rental is always there for your business trip needs and to make sure that you are on the right track, they offer their services complete with a chauffeur that is inclusive of pertinent taxes and traveling fuel. So if you are looking for convenience at the cost of a business trip or outsourcing traveling service for the business you have here in the Philippines, go for Cebu Car Rental services that you can trust to take you and your colleagues safely to your destinations and traveling spree. Let them take you to that relaxing travel with ease even if it is not just your business but also your family.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Postcard Printing for Business Traffic

Postcard printing could be one of the best ways to market a business today using online e- mail marketing procedures of distribution. Of course, these post cards in order to justify improving your business in terms of traffic generation has to be printed using technical aspects and aesthetics that would serve the purpose in attracting possible business related quality traffic bound to turn them into possible sales. A fast becoming important business tool, postcard printing, today attracts many marketing genius because they easily generate traffic and gives any business the opportunity to gain top rankings in the search engines that would definitely convert later on into ROI (return of investment).

Postcard Printing with a Personal Touch

If it’s a definite yes that e-mail marketing does help improve a business generate more traffic to convert into sales, so does postcard printing. This is especially true if you give more time for the printing of your postcards and make sure they turnout to be personalized. Giving a personal touch to your postcard is truly the key to success in making it achieve an appeal that projects a specially made personalized message. After all, this is the true essence of the intentions of printing any type of postcard way back in the early days of manual postcard printing that’s being distributed through manual selling in most malls and stores.

Postcard Messages – What Captions Should They Contain

Making your postcard messages appealing and enticing to the receiving end by making your captions brief, direct, simple, easy-to-understand and most of all related to the business or person that you are sending them. How to do this is very simple. Just list down possible content messages that you can think of and from there you can choose the best that fits the need of the postcard to be printed and the person or business that you are targeting to send it. Those messages have to internalize some friendly ambiance on a first look to gain positive interest from the receiving party and as much as possible, avoid sounding as if the message is some tv commercial or a banner from an affiliate website.

Postcard Printing – Playing With Colors

Colors are probably one of the best aesthetic aspect to consider in printing a postcard. Just like any website, postcard colors are very critical to get the interest of the receiving end. Never play with them because if you fail in terms of color preferences of the receiver, you fail as well getting a possible business sale or a prospect. Bear in mind that you are making a business proposal through the colors of your postcards and that you are not sending them to kids who love seeing too much colors like anime movies. They have to be balanced and should not be something that hurts the eye on a first glance.

Postcard Fonts

Font is also a critical aesthetic characteristic for printing postcards. Scientific studies reveal that using fonts that are repulsive to readers can cause them to loose the interest even if you have the best and the most attractive material in the world. This is also true especially in web designing. Another factor to consider is avoiding excessive graphics. They might get the interest of kids but surely not business owners in the online arena. Take note that it is also a major point of consideration for most postcard printing process that the file format should follow standards to which they are available online.

As a last tip in postcard printing, you have to make sure that your printed material is following a standard size (usually between 3 1/2 by 5 inches and 4 1/4 by 6 inches), color, fonts, word formats, image considerations and an overall aesthetically relevant appeal to the receiver on the other end.Also, be sure that you are on time with sending them. Printing of the postcard should be done prior to all the above mentioned tips and should be sent when the e-mail loads are not bulking up to avoid getting dumped along.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Business Process Outsourcing and The Call Center Booming Industry

Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

The call center industry is today's fastest emerging and young industry in the Philippines while on the other hand, business process outsourcing is being tagged as one of the fastest and constantly growing industries in the world. Because of globalization and emergence of the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, the country was able to grow it's national consciousness with respect to the offshoring trends that gave a boost to the BPO industry. With the emergence of many multi national companies that invest in the country for BPO and for particular reasons most favorable to the nature of the business's system, it became the latest trend in the services sector in the early years of the 2000. This data is being supported by the growing demand for a total outsourced service from manpower, assets, systems, and technologies that are all related to the IT and BPO industry. The claim was being led by an increase in demand for offshore call centers and the emergence of quality service that the Filipinos are lately found to be well capable of.

Philippine Call Centers - On Top Spot Against India

As reported by the Asian Call Center Review, the Philippines is the leading venue to business process outsourcing services, particularly, offshore call centers due to the rapid growth of the call center offshoring service providers that rely on the Philippine talent for their business. The rapid growth of call centers here in the Philippine archipelago which started as early as the year 2003 which opened up the country for its 72 total registrants made it appear at the top of the data centers for the offshore call center industry in the Asian region. This also made the country take the top spot from India which started basically back in the year 2000 where the Philippines is actually an unexplored business process outsourcing territory and venue like the auto insurance.

According to data, in 2004 alone, the Philippines already captured 20 % of the total world market share in contact center services or call center services. This made the Philippine government target estimates to capture 50 % of the total world English-speaking market in 2008. The call center industry, occupies the total increase in the gross national product of 12 % and at the same time, acts as the fastest provider for the Filipino college graduates today. According to the ICT (Informations and Communications Technology) division of the BOI ( Board of Investors) in a report, the call center industry captured a growth rate of 70 % in 2005 alone, making it the most dynamically improving industry among all sectors in the Philippine information technology industry.

The data above made the Philippines the primary choice venue because of cost-effectiveness in terms of labor, availability of 24/7 multilingual and multimedia supported premium services for marketing, sales, customer care, crisis management, investor relations and other key business applications related to the offshoring industry and in particular to the call center industry and in the business process outsourcing market .

Sunday, April 15, 2007

$10-Billion Philippine Outsourcing Industry Target

Back office end jobs are one of the most-juicy services being cooked in the Outsourcing Industry these days. In line to the growing industry’s needs for the said type of service to provide, the Philippine government is planning to tap Filipino managers based in the United States to convince American companies to outsource their back office needs here in the Philippines. The government is also offering to give the said Filipino outsourcing executives some financial incentives they call as “finder’s fee”.

According to Mr, George Kintanar, adviser of the Philipppine House of Representative’s committee on ICT (Information and Communications Technology), they are confident and optimistic at the same time and talked about the plan before some local government officials and private businessmen at a press conference announcing about the intentions of the government in the “1st ICT CaLaBaRZon Conference” last June 29-30 at the Tagaytay International Convention Center (TICC). The plan is expected to be implemented by the Fil-Am executives, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the U.S. and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) in hopes to boost up the Outsourcing Industry and to introduce it in the Philippines as a new revenue and income generating field for the many IT professionals that continues to abound by the numbers each year. The Philippine government calls this move as the “overseas global outsourcing” marketing strategy.

The plan is also targeting small and medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs hoping to be adopted by the 99% - population that SME’s represent in all the businesses present in the country. Encouraging them to open up and start at a 30 or 50 - seater call center and to later on encourage Fil-Ams to do overseas global outsourcing and be able to tap a portion of the 50 % - population that the U.S. is occupying in the global outsourcing market.

Some figures appeared in another article stating that by the year 2010, the Philippines is expected to earn a significant $10 billion revenue through the outsourcing industry alone (according to outsourcing world). Another report by the Mc Kinsey Quarterly, states that the demand for global outsourcing services is expected to reach $180 billion by the year 2010 and 5% of that market is being targeted by the Philippines which is a clear $10 billion industry by 2010 from a short figure of $1.5 billion only in 2004.

One great effect of the globalization brought about by the outsourcing industry alone is the increasing number in terms of contact centers recruitment that has rapidly grown over the past five years. In the animation field alone, skilled professionals are targeted to be trained amounting to 25,000 new industry-ready animators by 2010 to meet the growing need for global outsourced animation services requirements. This data is according to the Animation Council of the Philippines Inc.(ACPI) director Joy Bacon. Increased tapping of the many IT professionals through outsourcing in the Philippines can be attributed to the “better people, better business climate, competitive workforce, in-line infrastructure, virtual cost-effectiveness, better English proficiency and most of all, better security” compared to other outsourcing hubs like India , China and other Asian Countries. According also to Chalr’e Associates (an executive search and management consulting firm in the emerging countries in Asia Pacific), “a growing number of companies continue to bank on the country’s reputation for high-quality and cost-effective services.

Proof of this quotes are the significant increase in the presence and investment efforts by large companies like the computer manufacturer Dell Inc. They had set-up thier own contact center in the Philippines unlike before where Dell has only outsourced services to the country as third party providers for years. They have finally decided and dedicated to make the Philippines as a global customer service center. General Electric, an aggressive consumer electronics company, meanwhile, also made the move of shifting substantial resources from India to the Philippines and making a hay of promoting their brand in the country.

Quote source: Computerworld Philippines

In addition to the information I provided, the Department of Trade and Industry secretary, Mr. Peter B. Favila also quoted “in terms of potential, business opportunities and realized revenues, we know for a fact that we have only begun to scratch the surface of business process offshoring. There is much room for growth in the industry”.

Also said by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Mission (CITEM) executive director and DTI assistant secretary, Felicitas Agoncillo-Reyes, “As far as the industry is concerned, 2005 has been a great year for the e-services in the Philippines. We would like to think we have increased and strengthened our competitive advantages in terms of the capabilities of our e-services workforce and overall industry cooperation.”

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription:

Medical transcription, although is not yet found in the web dictionary is one of the fastest growing industry in the medical transcription arena these days. I am proud that the Philippines became one of the lobbies that these great medicine practitioners has chosen to be their partner in their medical transcription needs and services. This must have something to do with the cost-efficient services that these professionals get out of the good and hard working Filipinos that are well trained to fit the working requirements and conditions in this field of medicine.

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Many other different medical related services are being outsourced like emergency room trans, radiology transcription, maxillofacial surgery transcription, psychology transcription, plastic surgery transcription, general/vascular surgery transcription, neurosurgery/neurology transcription, radiation-oncology transcription, orthopedics transcription, dermatology transcription, gastro-enterology transcription, urology transcription, cardiology transcription, surgery transcription, OB/GYNe transcription, opthalmology transcription, physical medicine transcription, and others related to medicine and medical aspects dealing with transcription services.

The medical community realized that medical transcription is a very important part of the health care industry and take all precautions in the U.S. and abroad to make sure that medical transcription documents are done with utmost care and quality. This is where outsourcing of the said service comes in. Due to excessive demands regarding providing records, most medical institutions lack the personnel to cope up with the growth of documenting medical records from primary countries and the resulting process is somehow filled by outsourcing services to other countries like the Philippines.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Advantages:

  • You get to have staff working 24/7, 365 days a year because of different availabilities of human resources working on shifts as medical transcriptionists.
  • You save time in training professionally inclined medical transcriptionists that you could instead spend in providing smooth better services for your medical specialty and field concentration.
  • You have a 3-level quality control to your documents from transcriptionist team members to team leaders to you as the physician because they assign a team leader to each team assigned to every physician.
  • 99% of accuracy of data filed for future references is obtained because the medical records are well guarded and kept in a high security database system.
  • You have a 24/7 customer services available for the convenience of the customers that you don’t actually have to personally provide or personally do in cases of emergencies and quick needs.
  • Cost efficient when it comes to different medical transcription parafernalias to accomplish automated tasks and less need to use unnecessary technology adjacent to original type of service.
  • Easy access of both medical transcriptionist personnel and medical files due to the presence of local representatives in most areas in case of transaction inadequacies and problems.
  • Each physician working everyday with the same team of medical transcriptionist gets to know each other better and therefore makes work more at ease and easier to accomplish.
  • Saves the physician the time consuming medical references organizing which bulks up in time and makes it easy to provide customers their immediate future needs of their medical records.
  • Saves the physician extra time to spend organizing documents and therefore enables them to further concentrate on medical job specialization and major revenue earning operations.
  • Provides the physician ample time to concentrate also on customer service instead of personalizing each aspect and loosing time therein.
Since in medical transcription, the key is managing a unique and customized file and data organization to fit to each individual character of each physician’s needs, therefore, the different variations to such need becomes no hindrance because of collective work and control through outsourcing. Medical transcription also has to be flexible at all times and automation requirements should meet the needs in terms of IT and available softwares and programs to make a more reliable easy access of file and file formats. This is of course to be worked out by the outsourcing service provider.

Other concerns to Business Process Outsourcing are legal transcription outsourcing, general and business transcription outsourcing, medical billing outsourcing, medical coding and medical accounts receivable outsourcing, outsourcing of Web Site Development with Search Engine Optimization and accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing.

Many datas available in the web points out that two of the most important Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which is SEO outsourcing with Search Engine Marketing and Medical Transcription Services Outsourcing can now be scooped in the Philippines and is presently one of the fast growing industries and investments that the government is seeing to be a major profit generating scheme and dollar earning for the country for the years to come.

Visit for example this site………

And you’ll be able to at least have an initial knowledge of how in-demand the job is because of the pouring offers of outsourced MT-related jobs in the Philippines. This is really the right job at the right time for the many professionals inclined and qualified to it. “Working for this organization is like no other! From a single rented workstation in a cyber cafĂ© (just a little less than 3 years ago) at Malate Manila, the ITO group has grown into a network of over 20 MT focused training centers and 11 MT focused production centers throughout the country. Year in and year out, we have stuck by our objective of industry development for country positioning. Not only do we work to be the best; we work to make a difference in our country and industry!”
(an article i was able to quote from the site)

And this site…….

With the many professionals present here in the Philippines, i believe that the next two years to come would be filled with pouring requests and offers to the MT, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industry.

Outsourcing Principles Applied to Amusement Park Services

  • Basic

One of the basic principles in the outsourcing industry is acquiring services that are far more cheaper and cost-effective compared to just hiring in-house employees for your business. Through outsourcing, you can avail of priviledges that enable you to concentrate more in the core mission of your company. The same basic principle applies to amusement services in terms of the technical category. I came up with this idea right after i wrote a post prior to this one because i am previously writing a post on my own other blog site about the “outsourcing industry” which is related to “Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing“.

  • Outsourcing Services

As i have said, the basic principles in the outsourcing industry can be applied to amusement services because i know that these days are truly one of the most difficult times that an amusement company could come up with the right personnels to do the technical reapair aspects of machines. In fact, in my job, we have to train neophytes in the field of electronics for almost a year before we could come up with a skilled and qualified technician for our amusement machines. The shortage in technicians has led me to form a basic relation to my outsourcing posts before which is about gaining benefits from outsourced service providers. This is the most basic form of principle in the outsourcing industry that correlates and coincides with the need of every amusement company for skiled technicians.

  • What You Will Gain by Outsourcing Technical Service

For those amusement owners of small businesses, if you cannot provide yourself with the quality works of professional technicians, then, i suggest that you go for some outsourced services in terms of repairs of your machines. This way, you could also benefit in the implementation of such technique. That is, you could concentrate on other aesthetics and physical attributes to improve in sales. You could hire better management teams and staff and not have to worry much about the technical aspect. YOu can even allot much of that quality time and effort in marketing and promotion. You can go looking for some other ways to provide the quality services that your machines need in order to operate and add up to the income that you are not obtaining before. Lastly, you can say goodbye to to worries on purchasing the parts yourself or hiring a purchaser because most of the parts you are going to need can be provided by the technical outsourced service provider. This would depend of course to the contracts that you can agree with the other party.

  • Time, Possibilities and When to Backout

These are just some of the possibilities that could open up for you and your business if you could find a way to implement the same basic principles that the outsourcing industry is currently following as a trend and revolutionary process to improve their business. Most of all the best benefit that you could achieve in outsourcing for a technical service is “TIME”. You could have all the time in the world to spend to more important things within your control to improve the return of investment in your business. It would really not be any loss for you if you try for once and if you don’t like the idea at all after some factual experience, then you could decide to back up and go for onother way. The important thing is you can see what options you have other that feeeling hopeless in terms of amusement machine repair is concerned.

After reading this post about the relevance and importance of tha basic principle on the outsourcing industry and thought of how you can adopt it in your search for the amusement services that would fit your business, i’m pretty sure you’ll have more time watching your favorite movies, news and sports. You can even watch the live action on the NBA arena.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Start of Business Process Outsourcing In The Philippines

Manila - I believe that as early as the year 2000 when the Y2k IT computer failure (millenium bug ) started and was dreaded by most businesses here in the Philippines and all over the world, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has already began its new era of globalization.
Since the widespread news of effects of the dreaded Y2k IT computer failure way before the year 2000 which was believed to have the capabilities to shut down many businesses around the world, Philippines have anticipated it’s might. In fact, our country is one of the first one to look for the possible antidotes and cure to the said failure which can only be felt if you have IT industries supported by computers and businesses relying in the said technology. It is also the time we started seeing posts in major industries and businesses as saying “Y2K READY”. Remember?
Now has anyone ever wondered why? It is, i guess, simply because the Philippines during that time is already engaged in the cyber battle on related technologies in businesses, though not as up to date as the more industrialized countries like the United States of America. Still we can assume on this basis that globalization has taken its toll and reached an initial effect in our country. This occurrence is the best sign to consider on this matter.
Therefore we can proudly say that during those times, the boom in the industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) already hit the human resources reserve here in the Philippines. This serves as a clue that we have come to a point where the major role players in the said industry is already tapping the advantages of cost-related and cost-efficient services due to cheaper labor in outsourcing venues. This is not including the high manageability of human resources especially in the Philippines where English proficiency and professional inclination is not as hard to learn and not a problem at any instance being the third most efficient English-speaking country in the world.
This year, a significant increase in the need for human resources for the Outsourcing Industry alone has emerged to be both high and in demand. Take for example the many call centers that has nested by the numbers like mushrooms in the past 3 or 4 years. Most call center companies i heard even offer incentives for their employees just by finding and referring new recruits. I myself had been a referred applicant in the field. This is in that specific field alone which any investor can choose from in the many other relates in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
Years before as we all know, the IT - related industry, specially outsourcing, is only and exclusively being handled by either low or middle-income earning Americans as what we most see in many offices and businesses. This is because of the trend in business both by foreign and local that they are far even better as IT workers than we are. Now the tide is starting to turn around since those so-called industrialized countries like the U.S. and Europe is greatly relying and dependent on outsourcing services from India, Philippines, China, and other Asian countries. They have become more trusting to locals also and a few are lucky to fill up spaces of jobs that are occupied only by them before. In line to this, many big companies in the U.S. had declared that they cannot live without outsourcing because a significant part of their income comes from the savings they get through outsourcing services.
The executive director of Business Processing Association of the Philippines Mr. Mitchell Locsin said that the IT industry is currently employing some 245,000 people where 68% of which is involved in call center related work (this is one field of outsourcing only). That last 2005 alone, the industry’s total revenues reached a high of US$ 2.4 billion, almost doubling the 2004 data which is at US$ 1.5 billion (data from an article in Asia Times Online Copyright 2006).
To this date, shortage in availablity of fluent English speakers are being monitored due to the different rising speculations that English proficiency has greatly declined in the Philippines. Some of the causes of such shortages are pointing to factors like the excessive use of slang words learned through television which most of the youth are incorporating in original Tagalog dialect, the use of abbreviated words in cell phones which is very popular in almost all age levels and mostly in students who unconsciously divert true intellectual English learning into nonsense.
Luckily, the government has optimistically anticipated these alarming problems and has immediately invested in throwing bigger budgets for outsourcing industry trainings. One relevantly good example here is the existent offers by local municipalities to train students interested in IT related jobs and offering free trainings for medical transcriptioning, basic programming, computer secretarial (with excel word and power point), call center related jobs and pooling them out through on-the-job trainings. My wife is actually enrolled in one of these schemes by the government.
As the availability of outsourcing contracts and jobs pour out in the Philippines this coming year, expect the fast growth to be anticipated by the government and turn the table to be the number one dollar-earning industry to invest in. For the government to prosper in terms of human resources and revenues.
The tremendous growth in outsourcing in the Philippines truly has emerged so powerful to change the present status of our country from unemployment to shortage of human resources for Business Process Outsourcing - related jobs.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Business Process Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Philippines/ Manila - If you are looking for a partner to outsource services for the business you have, what would you consider as the first basis of choosing your partner? Would it be english proficiency? Would it be for the cost? Would it be for the security of the venue? Would it be because you want to save your business from near bankruptcy? Would it be for data security? Or would it be because outsourcing simply has most of its aspect contributing to a total business growth and convenience?

image from the webpage

I say all of the above plus my own set of guidelines, aspects and standard ways to follow in growing my business through outsourcing। Of course doing a market research is the best and the first step to do any business. Shifting from one venue to another by offshoring services leaves you to first consider before anything else the basics and elements you need to know about outsourcing a business. Include all possibilities of your research from venues, policies, company track records, type of clients, do’s and don’ts , communication aspects, human resources, etc and mostly about the service provider you are planning to outsource your services to.

English Proficiency:

Choosing your partner offshore especially in outsourcing services for your business, must first comply through a test if communication aspect in terms of English proficiency is at a considerable status.This is because in any business, communication is the most important in improving relations with human resources (workforce) and clients plus proper management of company liabilities. It is also a common knowledge that for any business to grow, communication rate through a common medium is both a necessity and a basic need at the same time.


By cost here i mean is not just to save on company expenses but also of providing your business the best service through a cost-efficient choice in offshoring the outsourcing needs for your company. Take note that going for a cost-efficient service is very different from cutting company expenditures per se. There is no need to actually cut expenditures and make your other resources suffer in the long run, instead you can resort for the newest cutting edge trend in the IT business community - “outsourcing” or “offshore outsourcing“.
This the most critical part in the Outsourcing Industry today because lately, many outsourcing venues have suffered different degrees of backlashes like India for example in ” The HSBC Outsourcing Center Fraud “. Although these happenings have greatly affected the industry, many would still prefer to outsource services because of the great pressures in cutting costs of their business. Since security is the most talk of the town topic of debates in most businesses, as saying that it poses a great threat to let endo-resources or third party handle company data which makes it very vulnerable security wise. Others say that the same thing happens elsewhere in the world after all. That includes the United States (where a vast source of outsourcing clients come from), so there is really no big deal in coping up with security problems when it comes to ” offshore outsourcing “. Everybody knows the risks, so all they can do is to put up measures to prevent such occurrences, be prepared and that’s it.

Direct Communication with Client:

Direct communication with the client is eliminated in outsourcing, therefore, you should provide yourself some measures to maintain and maximize efforts to monitor the transactions and data of your consumers through your own unique process. Whatever you resort to is all up to you. After all, through outsourcing, you get the advantage of drawing large amounts of your resources and attention for the use of the more important issues within your company to avoid dissatisfaction on both sides and build solid relationships with your customers or clients.
Aside from the deletion of direct communication, a delay in such aspect is mostly to be resolved also. This could lead to delays in project implementation and the growth and extension progress of your company may suffer as well. This causes you to be very dependent on your outsource service provider which you would not like because of possible drawbacks. This is in cases where the outsource service provider backs out its service to you and leaves you to wander in the abyss leading to an even bigger problem of finding another in a rush.

Level of Performance:

Outsourcing is based on fundamental principles like any other ways and means in any business and if these principles are correctly and smoothly applied in building a relationship along the process, the two parties involved will most likely have a harmonious, effective and successful duo. This is one of the keys for a contract in outsourcing to materialize, otherwise, dissatisfaction may result to an early termination of any agreement.
Scope of service - The outsourcing party should determine and make a clear set of guidelines that they expect to be performed by the third party or by the outsource service provider. This is the only way for the first to achieve a comfortable level in the process of turning over the specifics, materials, documents, data, records, goods, informations and the like and at the same time for the other party to make a clear vision of the scope of work expected of them and make sure that the first gets whatever he pays for. This will also be a reference point, accountability wise in the part of the service provider and take note should be done up-front prior to signing any contract or agreement.
It has been a common mistake for most business owners to compromise and let the outsource service provider dictate the tempo of which way their business is going including the level of performance and specific service rendered or needed by their company. This leads to the formulation of service limitations.

Service Limitations:

Boundaries with respect to specific components of service are to be set solely and determined by the outsourcing party or business owner to avoid unnecessary charges not agreed upon by the two parties involved. Take for example accounting matters which involves a certain aspect of service including payroll, expenditures, overhead expenses, numerical values etc. “Remember to be specific at all times to avoid miscommunication lapses”.

Deals and Contracts:

Long term relationships are only achieved if both parties are able to present each other in full effort a flexible deal with which to lessen the risks if not to eliminate on having to assert automatic reserves regarding small differences in terms of service of the third party and in terms of payment on the other.
These terms of payment is all about putting up extra considerations like incentives to encourage the outsource service provider to renew an agreement. According to researches by InfoServer - “There is a remarkable tendency for companies to start to chafe at their outsourcing relationships at about the second year; this is often when contract adjustments are needed. This “two-year itch” phenomenon is another reason why a three-year contract makes sense. An adjustment process can take three to six months and, if the supplier isn’t willing to work with the buyer, they’re not far from being able to go out to market. That implied threat of going out to the market puts the buyer in a strong position to make sure that there will be fair and equitable negotiations”.

Flexibility vs. Long-term Relationship:

Since by its very nature, outsourcing has two parties involved, therefore, expect two colliding forces to cope up with unexpected changes on both side and hopefully take the same path through considerate measures to integrate and go the same direction in the long run to promote each others interests either way in harmony. This is of course by way of developing harmoniously compatible relationship for a long period of time and in return flourishing in each other’s field without having to compromise the flexibility of their formed agreement or contract.
Although a long term relationship is inherently inflexible in the outsourcing industry, for the reason that we all don’t have the ability to exactly predict the future, it will be flexibility itself that will have to deal with the unexpected changes.

Develop Long-term Relationships but Short-term Contracts:

Long-term relationships are never out of date in the outsourcing industry, but short term contracts are looked up to being developed. Why? Simply because in the IT outsourcing industry for example, we all know that the status of computers where the rate of development and change in terms of speed is incredibly very fast. It would therefore be very ridiculous to develop a long term contract ( say, a ten-year ) outsourcing services for the sale of such product if no one knows what the desktop may look like in a year or two. The outsourcing party therefore needs to structure and forge a contract that would be very virtually possible and realistic in nature. A long term master contract for a relationship ranging up to ten years if possible must therefore be achieved to attain flexibility ( in the supplier’s interest ) but open to adjustments to the short-term service agreements underneath it as necessary ( in the outsourcer’s interest ) and lastly, put added incentives along the line ( for both party’s interests ).

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Business Process Outsourcing and Getting Links of Love

Getting links of love as i call it bound to your business in the internet is not really as hard to get these days. First you got to have link baiting techniques to list in your notepad or word document so that you have a clear vision and plan as to what exact steps you could possibly take to be able to achieve the links that you are planning to get or provide for your on-line business. If you have already prepared a long list of steps to take, then, the next step is to go look for sites that you can link with or exchange links with and enlist them also on your file together with the list of steps to take. Of course, these sites have to be as relevant as possible to your business site for optimization purposes and getting the relevance and importance you seek from search engines.

In order to get those links you have to at least build a reputation to your business site in a manner that you have to submit it to directories and possibly make some opening articles or press releases and some forum posts to make your importance in the web more distinct from the point of view of the search engines, bots, spiders and crawlers. This could be a good start for opening up a site that you can possibly make the most of in terms of income and revenue.

After having links to your site, then the most important takes over which is to have a webmaster's account to handle the marketing analysis with respect to traffic, return of investment and optimization of pages for a maximum handling of your outsourcing business and the relative needs to increase your revenue or income. After having a webmaster's account, writing a few press releases and doing or outsourcing your continuous directory submissions, then i believe that you are good to ge in maintaining the outsourcing business that you have and maybe for the time being, you could just go look for forums that could possibly help you out with the necessary things and musts that you might just need to roll the business down and get it going for quite a long time.