Sunday, September 30, 2007

Telemarketing Outsourcing in the Philippines

12,000 New Telemarketing Jobs Coming In the Philippines

Just the other night in the news, I heard about the IT industry moving on in the Philippines as what the president is stating proudly. This is because she said, that the Philippine call center industry is going to a rise of 12,000 new jobs related to call center and the the target is to give it to the Filipinos who the foreign investors called as good professionals when it comes to dealing with deadlines and customers in the call center or telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines as a largely growing industry in the archipelago.

The Telemarketing Industry in the Philippines

Aside from this public announcement by the president of the Philippines, there were at least two high officials from the telemarketing industry who took a stand ans said that the Philippines has one of the best potentials of becoming the number one source of call center agents as an outsourcing boom this coming year of 2008. Teletech, also a world leader in the telemarketing industry told the newsmen that one of the best leading sources from which they get manpower for outsourcing venues if from a prestigious school named STI, one of the leaders in IT related courses in the Philippines today.

High Officials Believe the Philippines could be the Number One Source for Telemarketing Outsourcing Jobs

Another high ranking official of an outsourcing company based here in the Philippine also told that the Filipinos had a great expectation this year as the call center outsourcing industry is planning on giving high priority to those who are looking forward to have a job in the call center this year and would like to close out the coming year as one of the elite manpower who supplies the growing need for a job at the telemarketing industry in an outsourcing venue here in the Philippines.

Outsourcing Your Chicago Moving Services

Moving to Chicago?

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Chicago Moving Services

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