Thursday, December 27, 2007

Search Engine Marketing and Promotion Services Company

Part of online business success today is to have search engine marketing and promotion services as a business scheme to help promote products or services. There are a lot of SEM companies that offer this kind of business service but in order to know who would give the best service, try and take a look at their packages and search engine marketing solutions. There is a lot of outsourcing companies on search engine marketing services but be sure to remember to take a good look at what they have in store for our business so that at the end of the transaction, you can be sure that you will benefit from the services that the search engine marketing company offers.

A good search engine marketing services firm is one that has a complete line of services that will make you stop and think for a while. A company that offers all types of services like SEO consulting, link building, search engine marketing, link popularity campaign, PPC management and more. Most of all, these services should all come with packages that online businesses would love to take part in.

A dependable company that offers the best search engine marketing services is They offer the best online marketing services today with a positive, unique and complete approach to market your business online and become competent with your competition and give your business a head start with others of the same nature of business as yours. With search engine marketing services of, you can take your pick from the type of service that your business requires. There are basically 3 types of general services which may come from either, professional SEO services, Ad serving service and list management service. From among these 3 basic services, any online business will get a surefire in their return on investment (ROI) and hopefully make it to the top of the search engines for an increase in both traffic and conversion.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Credit Card Payment Processing and Your Merchant Account

Credit card payment processing is one of the most important part for shoppers and consumers as well as the merchants who are selling their products and services. This is the same reason why most merchants would rather go for a swift and secure credit card payment processing scheme. this service for them helps their business grow more and increase on return on investment(ROI).

Allowing this type of service for your business will surely result to success as people with credit card these days prefer the easy way to pay for goods or services. On the part of a merchant, he should make sure that his credit card payment processing through a merchant account would serve his business to a point where he can easily manage his merchant account.

With this situation at hand, I would like to put special emphasis on a company that deals with services related to merchant banking and credit card services. They serve merchants who need online credit card processing with customer payments and merchant offline shops or retail stores. For particulars and specific information on their services, you can visit them at and see what difference they can give your business in terms of online and offline credit card payment processing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Take the Video Conferencing Advantage with Baselux

Video Conferencing and your Business

Video conferencing is one of the best ways to communicate either in a business environment or personal with colleagues and business partners. Do not be left out with your business ventures! Take part with one of today's best video conferencing venues with an exclusive professional video conferencing community that offers this kind of service. Their aim is to make it available for the young and mature professionals in both the business sector and the private sector exclusively.

Taking Advantage of a Video Conferencing Solution

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Join Baselux Video Conferencing Community

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Sam Casuncad SEO Profiles

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Swinging Along with BPO in the Philippines

A Major Shift in the BPO Industry

There was a major shift in the BPO industry in the Philippines cooking these days along with the exit of the year as different Indian companies start to shift operations directed to Philippines shores according to some reports. This specific turnout of events were estimated by some BPO industry analysts and economists to carry with it optimism that the BPO industry in the Philippines will continue to drag to the country more of the share in the BPO market and become the top venue for BPO jobs and companies to deal offshore business here by 2008.

As Different Telemarketing Outsourcing Companies, BPO Companies, Medical Transcription Outsourcing Companies and Call Center (Contact Center) Outsourcing Companies in the likes of GXS, Convergys, HP, Client Logic, Sykes, Dell, IBM, Safeway, eTelecare, People Support and more are optimistic that there will be an even stronger support for the industry's growth by the Philippine government, there are also certain estimates that higher return on investments will pour down in the country by 2008 in the said industry. This is probably one of the reasons why the Indian venue of these different BPO companies shifted operations here.

Philippines Joins the AHIMA Conference in the U.S.

Combining efforts by the government in the recently concluded American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conference in the USA which estimates the Philippines to be a top destination for business ventures by big BPO and medical transcription outsourcing companies based in the health sector in America. Another reason for the major shift of the Industry is because India is said to have tripled its lease rates to the companies investing there in the BPO, Telemearketing, Medical Transcription Call Center (contact center) outsourcing industry.

Reasons BPO Companies will Swing to Philippines Shores

According to a presentation of Craig Reines (Teletech vice-president and general manager) in the Philippines last June, he mentioned specifically that India has tripled its lease rate in the last four years. Also wages of the common worker increased up to 13 percent while the attrition rate reached a high of 40 percent per month while the 30 % can be accounted to salary of the managers. This is a very significant figure based on the rate of costs for the different BPO companies (telemarketing outsourcing companies, medical transcription outsourcing, KPO, BPO and more...) in India and this can be some of the compelling reasons why the expectation of the Philippines is rising as New Year fast approaches. This has become a signal for many professionals in the BPO industry in India to move on to other venues and the Philippines is the most favorable for this business type second to India. There are presently other compelling issues that put the Philippines as a top choice such as, the ratio of labor force, western assimilation and availability of more professionals which can play as a major factor to convince Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies to put the Philippines on their top list this coming 2008.

A recent study showed that by 2010, India's labor force in the business process outsourcing sector could possibly reach twice it is now in a matter of four years. According to some reports, it is an estimated from 1million to 2.4 million. Other popular BPO analysts also reported that some companies in Singapore were also interested in taking part in the BPO labor and investment markets in the Philippines. For Singapore, this will be particularly in the offshore back-office end related services and jobs.

Philippines will be a Busy Medical Transcription Outsourcing Venue by 2008

Philippines Participated in the AHIMA Conference with Health Industry Professionals

In the recently held American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conference and exhibition, where Philippines joined, the country is expected to bag up deals from various American companies related to Medical transcription outsourcing. This hopes to make the Philippines as the next busy venue for other medical transcription outsourcing jobs which will make us one of the top destinations of the medical transcription industry by 2008.

In the meet-up which comprises both small and medium medical transcription service organizations, AHIMA is said to have passed a grant to these medical transcription service organizations some $1.4 million worth of deals that came from within the association.

Philippines is Soon to be a Top BPO Destination

In the AHIMA, a quote says that, "The reason that we decided for a consortium is to show large companies based in the U.S. that the Philippines has the ability to handle their accounts, and has enough headroom for future requirements" said Raoul Sia, President of Rapid Data. As this will mean bigger opportunities for the Philippine job market and the Philippine BPO professionals this also hopes to balloon up the ever growing medical transcription outsourcing industry this coming 2008. The growth in this specific industry will also put the Philippines as one of the top destinations for both BPO (business process outsourcing) and KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) at the same time this coming year. Furthermore, this specific event expects the country to topple its greatest rival in the BPO and KPO industry which is India.

AHIMA is a pool of dynamic professionals in the health information and management services industry where it represents more than 51,000 health industry specialists that are highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals regarding the industry as they all work throughout the healthcare service.

The annual conventions where the Philippines took part in is for the purpose of service to prospect destinations as well as meet the different decision-makers in the health service industry

A Study of the Philippine BPO Industry by IDEA

IDEA - Institute for Development and Economic Analysis (IDEA) chairman Cayetano Paderanga, Jr. in an interview today (Dec.07, 2007) said that the Philippines has an edge over competing countries when BPO industry is at stake.

In the discussed interview which actually focuses on one of the best Filipino trait which is "empathy" (malasakit) also common to many South East Asian countries today he mentioned that this has become a prime player in the current status of the growth of BPO industry here in the Philippines. The chairman quoted that "Empathy or malasakit is a Southeast Asian trait that we believe is becoming an advantage for Filipinos who are hired to man the growing BPO industry".

IDEA is a group that was recently commissioned by Bayan Telecommunications or Bayantel to carefully analyze and to study the current outsourcing industry state in the Philippines. Another factor IDEA mentioned that enables the Philippines to become one of the best destination of BPO jobs and business investments is because the country has the best inclination to western culture and the professionals here were able to speak the English language fluently and with proficiency.

With this specific relations and point of view to Filipino professionals to outside investors on BPO, western Europe and US firms are looking forward to locate their offshore operations in the country.

The USD$355 Million IPVG Offer for Major Stocks at People Support

According to ZDNet Asia in a report yesterday (Dec.06, 2007) by Joel D. Pinaroc, People Support, one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines received a bulk offer of USD $355 million cash proposal to get the majority stake of the said BPO company that mainly deals with contact center business. Poeple Support is also one of the top BPO companies rendering services on telemarketing outsourcing in the Philippines with an estimated seating of about 8,000 capacity.

This is by far one of the best things that could possibly happen in the BPO market here in the Philippines as multi-national companies from around the world are starting to see potentials of investing in this kind of business here in the Philippines. This is in terms of Business Process Outsourcing and other related industries like Telemarketing Outsourcing, Knowledge Process outsourcing, Call Center and Contact Center Business Outsourcing, Medical Transcription Outsourcing and more.

This particular event in Philippine history of BPO will hopefully trigger more revenue earning schemes for the country in the coming 20008 new year. IPVG by the way is a company group that deals with and is currently engaged in the information technology and communications space business.