Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Business Process Outsourcing and The Call Center Booming Industry

Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

The call center industry is today's fastest emerging and young industry in the Philippines while on the other hand, business process outsourcing is being tagged as one of the fastest and constantly growing industries in the world. Because of globalization and emergence of the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, the country was able to grow it's national consciousness with respect to the offshoring trends that gave a boost to the BPO industry. With the emergence of many multi national companies that invest in the country for BPO and for particular reasons most favorable to the nature of the business's system, it became the latest trend in the services sector in the early years of the 2000. This data is being supported by the growing demand for a total outsourced service from manpower, assets, systems, and technologies that are all related to the IT and BPO industry. The claim was being led by an increase in demand for offshore call centers and the emergence of quality service that the Filipinos are lately found to be well capable of.

Philippine Call Centers - On Top Spot Against India

As reported by the Asian Call Center Review, the Philippines is the leading venue to business process outsourcing services, particularly, offshore call centers due to the rapid growth of the call center offshoring service providers that rely on the Philippine talent for their business. The rapid growth of call centers here in the Philippine archipelago which started as early as the year 2003 which opened up the country for its 72 total registrants made it appear at the top of the data centers for the offshore call center industry in the Asian region. This also made the country take the top spot from India which started basically back in the year 2000 where the Philippines is actually an unexplored business process outsourcing territory and venue like the auto insurance.

According to data, in 2004 alone, the Philippines already captured 20 % of the total world market share in contact center services or call center services. This made the Philippine government target estimates to capture 50 % of the total world English-speaking market in 2008. The call center industry, occupies the total increase in the gross national product of 12 % and at the same time, acts as the fastest provider for the Filipino college graduates today. According to the ICT (Informations and Communications Technology) division of the BOI ( Board of Investors) in a report, the call center industry captured a growth rate of 70 % in 2005 alone, making it the most dynamically improving industry among all sectors in the Philippine information technology industry.

The data above made the Philippines the primary choice venue because of cost-effectiveness in terms of labor, availability of 24/7 multilingual and multimedia supported premium services for marketing, sales, customer care, crisis management, investor relations and other key business applications related to the offshoring industry and in particular to the call center industry and in the business process outsourcing market .