Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 Nursing Exam Results Passers

Allow me to be a little bit different today from the discussion of this blog. I just want to announce here to congratulate a cousin of mine who just passed the recent 2009 Nursing Board Exam conducted by the PRC.

To all others who were included in the official complete list of 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result and were new registered nurses, congratulations too to all of you and my you find your perfect job out there which would most likely be the next move for all of you. Again Congratulation!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Call Center Hiring in Philippines

call center hiringCall center hiring in Philippines this 2009 has significantly increased unlike in the previous year where the global recession took its effect in jobs being offered in the call center directory for jobs. It was a stage of development as what visionaries in the call center industry had seen but that was to a negative effect.

This year, 2009 saw the light when instead of the dying call center hiring for jobs related to this service in BPO, an increase came in Asia and we are glad it included the Philippines.

We have become a cheaper venue for many outsourcing needs from the western countries like United States, Australia, Canada U.K. and many more countries. This made professionals in the call center industry glad because instead of the earlier threat of loosing their jobs, they became even more stable.

A destination for many workers to vie for as hiring in the call center in job fairs go the interest of the local workforce in the Philippines. What's next?