Sunday, March 22, 2009

BPO in the Philippines and Call Center Jobs Beyond Global Economic Crisis

Despite global economic crisis, the Philippines and the government is optimistic that the BPO industry in the country which includes all sorts of outsourcing services will boom. The reason was seen late last year when Europe and the U.S. fell significantly.

Due to this scenario, many BPO companies handling call centers have increased job orders from all over the world including Europe and the United States. One cause could have been, according to call center companies is the overhead cost of labor and talents in the Philippines is cheaper and more affordable including the venue compared to having to maintain a call center somewhere else. Add to this, India already increased the cost of rent in their country for BPO companies. The major industry hit by this resort by the government is the call center industry.

This year, despite the fear of easily loosing jobs if you get employed in a call center dramatically increased as the first to lay off workers according to the labor sector is those industries that have direct links to the U.S. and Europe, applicants flocked to job fairs. The reason is because they came to realize the announcement by different call center companies here in the Philippines that instead of loosing clients, a sudden increase in demands prompted different BPO companies to hire more employees bound for a call center job.

In the recently concluded Makati Job Fair where the most popular and largest employment center online - Jobstreet.Com participated, many applicants saw opportunities to get employed in the call center. Other jobs were offered for a short period of time but applicants still buy them due to lack of available jobs and mass lay offs happening in the country.