Friday, October 24, 2008

Business with the Captivating Capiz Contest

New to this captivating Capiz contest, I am hoping to get to the top spot even if this is a few of the last moves that I can actually get some of my blogs in to. This is a very concentrated blog but I do not want to make any advance assumptions instead, this blog post is a move to see if last minute effort such as this will give my entry a jerk to a higher ranking in the results.

I am really not hoping to get more of this but at least I wanted to see if there is more to this effort than doing nothing watching my own entry get lower and lower each minute of the last day. I want to win this one but if I cannot do anything anymore, there will be no tomorrow for this entry.

I want to do everything but if the others can do more than what I can, then they will edge over me and my entry on that part but if I can take little by little jerk on my own captivating Capiz entry, then, I will be very proud about this one. Here goes.