Monday, October 29, 2007

Philippines, BPO and the U.K.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines will soon be recognized as the top outsourcing services venue for many countries like the U.K. In a report last October 26, the National Outsourcing Association of London based in the U.K. picked the Philippines as the top destination of offshoring this coming year which means that there will be a major turnaround in the place of India in the BPO and KPO industry in relation to offshoring services as the Philippines takes some of the available slots for Philippine BPO related jobs and market from the said country which sits on top over other Asian countries today.

In the conference held in London on its fourth national awards, the Business Process Association of the Philippines and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines receiving a statement from the Team Europe project leader that the awards will help make the Philippines as one of the target venues for some of their outsourcing jobs which will make the country a little more on edge over other Asian countries with respect to the BPO industry.

This significant event hope to give a little more edge over tops spot for the BPO industry related jobs and works that the Filipinos are looking forward in the coming years as one of the top spots and destination for offshoring services related jobs. This will truly help the country recover in the economy in terms of earning extra dollar through foreign investments from the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines.

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