Monday, October 8, 2007

India, Loosing BPO Grip Over Philippines

Is India Loosing BPO Outsourcing Jobs and Services to the Philippines?

This is a very simple question and deserves a second look because the sensitivity of the BPO industry and the telemarketing outsourcing business is just a part of BPO both in India and the Philippines. Lately, the Philippines has been the eye of many telemarketing outsourcing firms and companies because of the ideal climate of this business nature today. News here and news there tells that India will soon loose its prime in the BPO industry as the Philippines is gaining some leverage in getting in the country some of the top BPO firms investing and growing their business each year and other venues like Europe is starting to see this.

India is Second to None in the Telemarketing Outsourcing Business

Everybody knows that India is the number one source and destination of almost 90 % of the BPO industry and telemarketing outsourcing business in the whole world for so many years until now but the Philippines is seemingly taking all the attention with so many business ventures now going on in the Philippines. eTelecare for example is acquiring AOL and their office in the Philippines is optimistic that there must be at least a thousand more jobs for the Filipinos that will soon be out for grabs because they are establishing an office in Tarlac.

The Philippines Challenges India with BPO

The challenge that Philippines is posing to India is growing more each day and by the year 2008, the Philippines will surely give India a good margin with respect to telemarketing outsourcing business. In recent survey that was concluded, one of the hindrance that Philippines is facing regarding the second thoughts of establishing BPO companies, BPO services and BPO jobs is in its nature of politics and the weather that it faces with so many typhoons and climate. But this will all be settled as soon as the climate in the BPO industry grows more and removes doubts because of the growing revenues of other big companies. In line to this, the Philippines is expecting to get a bigger chunk of the European market this 2008 and the years to come.

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