Monday, October 8, 2007

Boosting Business Process Outsourcing Jobs on Telemarketing

Another Telemarketing Outsourcing Business Venture

One of the best telemarketing outsourcing company here in the Philippines, eTelecare, will soon be opening up to at least a 1,000 more jobs for the Filipinos in Clark, Pampanga. This will surely follow after the said giant in the telemarketing outsourcing industry acquired the subsidiary of America On Line or AOL according to Inquirer News yesterday.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Business Jobs

After producing so many jobs already here in Metro Manila for their telemarketing outsourcing business, eTelecare is now planning to expand their operations in Pampanga upon the acquisition of the AOL customer service subsidiary. The announcement was already announced last month and were only able to totally get a hit in the news yesterday. This special event will be another milestone in the telemarketing outsourcing industry in the Philippines as there were already so many other big companies looking forward to become partners with the Philippines in terms of business process outsourcing, specifically the telemarketing outsourcing Philippines industry.

eTelecare, Expands Their Telemarketing Business

Aside from this new venture by eTelecare in expanding their business scope in other places in the Philippines, it already boasts of six other popular call center outsourcing businesses here in the Philippines that are already in operation and continually giving thousands of jobs to many Filipinos. This also make us be proud of the present condition of the BPO Philippines industry.

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