Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Postcard Printing for Business Traffic

Postcard printing could be one of the best ways to market a business today using online e- mail marketing procedures of distribution. Of course, these post cards in order to justify improving your business in terms of traffic generation has to be printed using technical aspects and aesthetics that would serve the purpose in attracting possible business related quality traffic bound to turn them into possible sales. A fast becoming important business tool, postcard printing, today attracts many marketing genius because they easily generate traffic and gives any business the opportunity to gain top rankings in the search engines that would definitely convert later on into ROI (return of investment).

Postcard Printing with a Personal Touch

If it’s a definite yes that e-mail marketing does help improve a business generate more traffic to convert into sales, so does postcard printing. This is especially true if you give more time for the printing of your postcards and make sure they turnout to be personalized. Giving a personal touch to your postcard is truly the key to success in making it achieve an appeal that projects a specially made personalized message. After all, this is the true essence of the intentions of printing any type of postcard way back in the early days of manual postcard printing that’s being distributed through manual selling in most malls and stores.

Postcard Messages – What Captions Should They Contain

Making your postcard messages appealing and enticing to the receiving end by making your captions brief, direct, simple, easy-to-understand and most of all related to the business or person that you are sending them. How to do this is very simple. Just list down possible content messages that you can think of and from there you can choose the best that fits the need of the postcard to be printed and the person or business that you are targeting to send it. Those messages have to internalize some friendly ambiance on a first look to gain positive interest from the receiving party and as much as possible, avoid sounding as if the message is some tv commercial or a banner from an affiliate website.

Postcard Printing – Playing With Colors

Colors are probably one of the best aesthetic aspect to consider in printing a postcard. Just like any website, postcard colors are very critical to get the interest of the receiving end. Never play with them because if you fail in terms of color preferences of the receiver, you fail as well getting a possible business sale or a prospect. Bear in mind that you are making a business proposal through the colors of your postcards and that you are not sending them to kids who love seeing too much colors like anime movies. They have to be balanced and should not be something that hurts the eye on a first glance.

Postcard Fonts

Font is also a critical aesthetic characteristic for printing postcards. Scientific studies reveal that using fonts that are repulsive to readers can cause them to loose the interest even if you have the best and the most attractive material in the world. This is also true especially in web designing. Another factor to consider is avoiding excessive graphics. They might get the interest of kids but surely not business owners in the online arena. Take note that it is also a major point of consideration for most postcard printing process that the file format should follow standards to which they are available online.

As a last tip in postcard printing, you have to make sure that your printed material is following a standard size (usually between 3 1/2 by 5 inches and 4 1/4 by 6 inches), color, fonts, word formats, image considerations and an overall aesthetically relevant appeal to the receiver on the other end.Also, be sure that you are on time with sending them. Printing of the postcard should be done prior to all the above mentioned tips and should be sent when the e-mail loads are not bulking up to avoid getting dumped along.

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