Sunday, April 8, 2007

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription:

Medical transcription, although is not yet found in the web dictionary is one of the fastest growing industry in the medical transcription arena these days. I am proud that the Philippines became one of the lobbies that these great medicine practitioners has chosen to be their partner in their medical transcription needs and services. This must have something to do with the cost-efficient services that these professionals get out of the good and hard working Filipinos that are well trained to fit the working requirements and conditions in this field of medicine.

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Many other different medical related services are being outsourced like emergency room trans, radiology transcription, maxillofacial surgery transcription, psychology transcription, plastic surgery transcription, general/vascular surgery transcription, neurosurgery/neurology transcription, radiation-oncology transcription, orthopedics transcription, dermatology transcription, gastro-enterology transcription, urology transcription, cardiology transcription, surgery transcription, OB/GYNe transcription, opthalmology transcription, physical medicine transcription, and others related to medicine and medical aspects dealing with transcription services.

The medical community realized that medical transcription is a very important part of the health care industry and take all precautions in the U.S. and abroad to make sure that medical transcription documents are done with utmost care and quality. This is where outsourcing of the said service comes in. Due to excessive demands regarding providing records, most medical institutions lack the personnel to cope up with the growth of documenting medical records from primary countries and the resulting process is somehow filled by outsourcing services to other countries like the Philippines.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Advantages:

  • You get to have staff working 24/7, 365 days a year because of different availabilities of human resources working on shifts as medical transcriptionists.
  • You save time in training professionally inclined medical transcriptionists that you could instead spend in providing smooth better services for your medical specialty and field concentration.
  • You have a 3-level quality control to your documents from transcriptionist team members to team leaders to you as the physician because they assign a team leader to each team assigned to every physician.
  • 99% of accuracy of data filed for future references is obtained because the medical records are well guarded and kept in a high security database system.
  • You have a 24/7 customer services available for the convenience of the customers that you don’t actually have to personally provide or personally do in cases of emergencies and quick needs.
  • Cost efficient when it comes to different medical transcription parafernalias to accomplish automated tasks and less need to use unnecessary technology adjacent to original type of service.
  • Easy access of both medical transcriptionist personnel and medical files due to the presence of local representatives in most areas in case of transaction inadequacies and problems.
  • Each physician working everyday with the same team of medical transcriptionist gets to know each other better and therefore makes work more at ease and easier to accomplish.
  • Saves the physician the time consuming medical references organizing which bulks up in time and makes it easy to provide customers their immediate future needs of their medical records.
  • Saves the physician extra time to spend organizing documents and therefore enables them to further concentrate on medical job specialization and major revenue earning operations.
  • Provides the physician ample time to concentrate also on customer service instead of personalizing each aspect and loosing time therein.
Since in medical transcription, the key is managing a unique and customized file and data organization to fit to each individual character of each physician’s needs, therefore, the different variations to such need becomes no hindrance because of collective work and control through outsourcing. Medical transcription also has to be flexible at all times and automation requirements should meet the needs in terms of IT and available softwares and programs to make a more reliable easy access of file and file formats. This is of course to be worked out by the outsourcing service provider.

Other concerns to Business Process Outsourcing are legal transcription outsourcing, general and business transcription outsourcing, medical billing outsourcing, medical coding and medical accounts receivable outsourcing, outsourcing of Web Site Development with Search Engine Optimization and accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing.

Many datas available in the web points out that two of the most important Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which is SEO outsourcing with Search Engine Marketing and Medical Transcription Services Outsourcing can now be scooped in the Philippines and is presently one of the fast growing industries and investments that the government is seeing to be a major profit generating scheme and dollar earning for the country for the years to come.

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And you’ll be able to at least have an initial knowledge of how in-demand the job is because of the pouring offers of outsourced MT-related jobs in the Philippines. This is really the right job at the right time for the many professionals inclined and qualified to it. “Working for this organization is like no other! From a single rented workstation in a cyber cafĂ© (just a little less than 3 years ago) at Malate Manila, the ITO group has grown into a network of over 20 MT focused training centers and 11 MT focused production centers throughout the country. Year in and year out, we have stuck by our objective of industry development for country positioning. Not only do we work to be the best; we work to make a difference in our country and industry!”
(an article i was able to quote from the site)

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With the many professionals present here in the Philippines, i believe that the next two years to come would be filled with pouring requests and offers to the MT, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industry.


Viola said...

This is a very good blog. Computer-based technologies for Neurology Transcription offer a number of practical advantages. Therefore medical transcription companies keep specially trained transcribers to provide transcription services to a number of specialties.

Viola said...

Thank you for sharing such a nice information regarding medical transcription, Medical Transcription Services rising in recent years and there are many fields of medical transcription i.e Orthopedics Transcription, Dermatology Transcription, Geriatrics Transcription,Pediatrics Transcription etc.