Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best Time for Lead Generation and BPO Investment Fishing

While India, the top BPO outsourcing destination in Asia through the right funding by the government was able to attain a significant growth in their BPO industry, the Philippines remained on a safe side being able to feed BPO investments with enough labor resource.

Although we have seen as well as the government had, there is no or little effort in improving the condition and relationship of out country with other European and Western BPO unions to help this industry prosper and take in more than what India is getting from the share in the BPO market. I am personally not aware at all what the government is currently doing to help improve the condition and skills of the call center workers in the Philippines.

What we see that seems to receive so much attention and funding from the government is the OFW or the remittance industry with which we all know is the major hit for the source of funds by the govbernment. We have seen how this industry will and can help our country in terms of enabling a clear vision on how the government intends to increase investments from foreigh land in the call center and BPO field.

This I think is the best time for us to see to it that we are together in helping BPO reach a target just like what India once did where they were able to increase their government funds through it. I say this is the best time to implement guidelines for lead generation and for fishing more BPO investments in the coming months.

This industry has what it takes to save us from loosing hope in the middle of the global economic crisis. I just hope that the government will see the facts and figures that were presented everytime we have job fairs in malls and establishments. BPO and call center are tied up together and we should work out on exploring new horizons for further foreign investments in this field.

This is because I know that someday we may become the prime destination of BPO investments as well as call center outsourcing among countries in Asia. This is truly the best time that our government should act upon the current situation where investments are going somewhere when the Philippines is open.

Lead generation
could be a good way to do this as well as we should device moves that will point in improving our call center worker standards for a bigger share in the world economy of investments from BPO, KPO and other related industries.


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