Wednesday, April 2, 2008

B2B Lead Generation

Today after reading the B2B Lead Generation Blog of Brian Carrol, I learned a little bit about B2B lead generation. Great and interesting blog too. No wonder it was chosen by the MarketingSherpa as one of the top 10 blogs. Although I am not much of a sales and marketing person, more so a marketer or internet business savvy, understanding how the business goes in tough times like these days for the B2B industry that it is still lead generation the saves a business. Far from what I originally thought that having a regular work in the amusement will give me the best edge over tough times in the jobs industry.

Look at the boom of the search over the internet when matters of jobs are at stake? How have they come to be this way? This is, I guess for the simple reasons that people start to realize that they got to have a regular job to survive the crisis of times today. I wonder how this led me to think inversely while others are looking for jobs, here I am just resigned from a regular work just to come working again. But what's the difference? Yes! There really is a big difference here. I get to work without the boss telling me what to do and I get to touch the screen of my PC and dictate the tempo of how much I will earn. Well, at least that's what I can see for now although not much like that since I am just on the start up mode in business in the internet.

I never even thought that the internet business would involve B2B lead generation techniques just like what those big time businessman would talk about. This tells that every business indeed needs lead generation in order to make it to the point of getting to the top of the ranks in the search engine results pages. Now this is what I call as a different point of view in a search engine marketers having the mind set up of a B2B lead generation expert. WOW! Who's the expert here in B2B lead generation, me? Yes and no. I guess its because I am just starting to learn a lot from staying home all day and get to study the movement of the algorithms of results of the search engines and the study the effects of implementing B2B lead generation tactics to marketing websites or should I say, simply lead generation.

Well, at least this is what it is as always when we are in the arena of the internet. Let the battle of the B2B lead generation experts in the business world and the lead generation techniques of an internet marketer begin! It's going to be me against those B2B experts and let's see who makes it to the top of the SERPs when we talk of business and traffic lead generation. I guess this is my advantage, I know how the internet works including the search engines and how to market my business with them and I have an initial knowledge over business (internet business that is) when we talk of matters in lead generation. This is a lead generation battle between the business marketer out there, the geeks in business and the internet business marketer in me.


Amy said...

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masterofthe said...

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