Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BPO and KPO in the Philippines

BPO or business process outsourcing is literally new and young in the Philippines. Since its introduction to the business market in the country, it never failed to amaze me as an internet marketer and as a student of the BPO books. When the business process outsourcing phenomenon started to bloom out of the sheer need of companies to withstand the impact of business losses under resources and small needs, I swallowed its effects in the SEO outsourcing industry and took advantage of getting freelance jobs out from outsourced venues. They proud like heavy rain in my head.

This really helped the small business grow (like what I have in SEO Outsourcing) while those companies who go for this new business trend would mostly fall under the management of their small resources and allow space to breathe in so that they can concentrate more on bigger and major business growth potentials. This is the same reason why BPO in the Philippines grew by the year that has passed and I'm glad that I am part of it.

On the other hand, while BPO or business process outsourcing trends helped so many businesses that are in the brink of getting down in the pits, there is yet another new phenomenon that has risen from the shadows of BPO-it's KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). KPO in the Philippines (Knowledge Process Outsourcing in the Philippines) on the one side of the coin started to grow its own population, taking the interest of the business public and business market to their own hands and generating B2B leads for their own advantage. KPO indeed made it to the list of business trends in the 20's and there is nothing that can stop this trend as it gained a leverage where the point or the tip of the sphere is in the face of the different businesses who has no other way to treat KPO but as an ally to their side. Hence, KPO is born beside BPO. KPO in the Philippines grew by the numbers just like when it was in the times of the BPO industry. It took advantage of the growing market for many types of businesses and get itself a part of the pie until today.

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