Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knowledge Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

There are different countries vying for to position themselves in the top spot when we are talking about knowledge process outsourcing and the Philippines is one of them. Some other countries which have established the greatest number of knowledge process outsourcing firms are, India, Philippines and China. These countries have what it takes as they all possess what it takes such as an extensively deepening source of knowledge plus they all have enough source of professionals in different fields and market to fill up the need for knowledge process outsourcing needs of different businesses in the USA and the United Kingdom as these two countries is where the vital source of these types of jobs come from.

It is estimated according to some records that knowledge process outsourcing is a prospective engagement and will surely grow to a point where the supply will no longer suffice the need in the next few years and this is why substitutes are also being eyed such as Pakistan, Burma and other Asian countries. It also most likely that the area of information technology services which is currently provided by a wide source of knowledge process outsourcing firms will also take its toll and expand service through outsourcing their services and business that include specific professional services such as medical research, intellectual property implementation services, business research, legal research, analytics and word publishing.

As the industry of knowledge process outsourcing takes off to a level that's very ideal, the source and the supply will hopefully meet at midpoint but when the sources start to become scarce in terms of cost and venue availability, this is where we take pride in market redistribution. The Philippines hopes to take its part in everything from KPO to BPO to Data Entry.

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