Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Medical Transcription Outsourcing in the Philippines

The Growth of Medical Transcription Business and Services

Out of the fastest and largest growing business sectors in the Philippines medical field, medical transcription is the most in demand today. This is because of the sudden growth in the need for medical transcriptionists to serve the medical industry, particularly in medical transcription outsourcing aspect. Different hospitals, medical doctors and clinics and their respective offices now require that the doctors every move from words for patients to prescription drugs to every single and smallest tip for clients are to be put into comprehensive and precise digital writing. The files and other relevant documents will all be put in an archived and safe place in the internet so that they can be available for access anytime by both the doctor and the patient or for whatever purpose it may serve. All these will also be stored in a full digital format so that in case that a need arises, the right people will have no difficulty in finding these reports.

Development of Medical Transcription Business and Outsourcing

In the early days, it is only the medical secretaries that are allowed to do the job of writing all matters about all of the doctor's words and daily inventory of events from patients to schedules to prescription drugs and other medical service related information for that particular doctor. Since the sudden growth of need to get this specific field become a more presentable and professional service, it quickly became a venue for outsourcing the service to people with the knowledge and capability to do the job at home. Hence, the idea of medical transcription outsourcing grew by the number and the inevitable spread of the convenience that it offers for both doctors and patients alike. The job of maintaining a precise record became a new job offer for other stay at home professionals to earn from home. Usually, these are the type of people who are old enough to work but still possess professional qualifications and capabilities to do the job right. since then, they became the full time devotees for such assignment and responsibility from the industry with which they serve.

Job Responsibilities that are Included in Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Some of the most common and early job responsibilities that are included before the medical transcription outsourcing work are attending to phone calls of clients and patients and giving them the right information but when the job came to a point of becoming a more professional approach, one by one, it all emerged into one fine workload for the people behind the medical transcription outsourcing industry. Such job descriptions would now include typing up medical transcripts.

As a professional outsourcing medical transcriptionist, the different job description are required of you to provide for the employer:

  • You have to provide professional services to medical facilities of all types who outsource this activity.
  • There is totally no need to stay in close proximity to the outsourcing party and you need to have a reliable internet connection.
  • You will be asked to type in an audio file that will be sent to you everytime.
  • Correct grammar and good spelling should always be observed and this is where the quality of the service lies since it is totally dependent on precise words and accurate information.

Asian Countries like the Philippines - A Prime Provider of Medical Transcription Services

These facts made Asian countries like the Philippines and India as a prime target for many countries looking to outsource their medical transcriptioning needs in a safe, cheap and professional venue. American countries are the number one source for this kind of service and the Philippines is proud to take a big chunk of the pie in this arena of medical transcription outsourcing industry.

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