Friday, January 25, 2008

Medical Transcription Outsourcing - A Growing Industry

Medical Transcriptionists and the Outsourcing Industry

The medical transcriptionist population this 2008 has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the medical field especially here in the Philippines. Due to the fact that many medical institutions would require each doctor to have a medical record that will be put on a systematic filing order that needs to be accessible 24/7 as patient's files and other documentation purposes. this way of filing the different cases encountered in an everyday basis is the source of the newest trend in the medical society called as medical transcriptioning. A part of today's improvement of the technological world of medicine, most hospitals and even the local governments are requiring doctors and medical practitioners to have their files for patients in digital format.

Excessive Workloads Led to Medical Transcriptioning Outsourcing

It is for this very same reason that the need for people to digitally file all doctor's oral reports and have them as digital documents to be made available for patients anytime and all the time for other purposes other than just for the doctor himself such as emergencies where family doctors are far from reach. In the early days of the medical industry, it is the medical secretaries who usually do the job for the doctors but because of high demand and the quantity of workloads of this nature, this system was rendered obsolete and is fact being replaced by medical transcription outsourcing.

Medical Transcriptioning Uplifts Medical Services by Doctors

With the introduction of medical transcriptioning, the workloads can now be done faster from homes and professional outsourcing service centers anywhere else in the world. This is when medical professional are starting to see outsourcing versus in house transcriptioning to be more favorable and far more beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. This may be attributed to the fact that outsourcing medical transcription services devotes all of its time to only this particular job and nothing more unlike before when medical secretaries would also do a lot of other side jobs for the doctor they are serving. Add to this that secretary will say goodbye to being constantly interrupted by phone calls and patients and other duties of call.

Duties and Responsibilities and Venue of the Medical Transcription Service

The outsourcing medical transcription service provider gives adequate services ranging from medical facilities, medical records, treatments and tests and almost all types and all services rendered by the physician to the patient. All the doctor has to make sure is that the logs and files are all intact and in a factual basis only to be able to provide reliable information to patients in the future. Individual home based people serving in this industry are also welcome to become transcriptionists and you don't even have to live in close proximity to do this because of the wider availability of the internet service these days. The only requirement would be that you must have a well running and reliable computer and Internet connection. The process is basically that the transcriptionist will only need to type up the audio file that the medical doctor or institution will send to them. their duty is then to make sure that each word is clear and with correct grammar and spelling. Everything else must be accurate because it is critical for the record to simply tell only what is and not what should be. Since this will serve as a reference for the doctor also in the future, therefore it should be well understood that any discrepancies may result to faulty diagnosis or service by the doctor.

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