Monday, January 28, 2008

Sonography Schools and Your Medical Career

Sonography Schools as a Popular Medical Career

Sonography Schools and Ultra Sonography courses in Canada, U.K. and the U.S. are both as a medical career and medical training program fast becoming very popular in the medical society and medical transcription outsourcing companies these days. Many have become aware that courses offered in different sonography schools give high payout in terms of finance and medical career. Becoming in demand in the industry of medicine, sonography gained attention even in some countries in Asia like the Philippines, India and China. There are also some reports that in the Philippines alone, medical schools are training professionals in the field of sonogrpahy even if the main concentration of these seemingly sonography schools is in nursing courses which is today's most popular degree related to the field of medicine. The country is believed to be the number 1 exporter of professional nurses as part of the outsourcing of nursing service to other countries and filling out positions related thereto.

This has actually helped boom the Philippines BPO industry and economy, particularly in the medical outsourcing industry. In relation to this, Philippines is also agreed by some major outsourcing jobs host countries to have toppled a major rival in the medical transcriptioning industry, India, in terms of labor, skills, knowledge and manpower. Fast becoming the number 1 choice as a venue for top outsourcing host companies, the country saw advantages over India because of the increasing costs of rentals of establishments bound for offices in the country for these outsourcing companies.

In the near future, say maybe about a year more or so, sonography schools in the Asian region is expected to increase as the field of medicine takes a hike in serving other countries in terms of needs for ultrasound technicians that graduated with degree and can make their professionalism available for other countries to take advantage of due to lack of sonographers or ultrasound technicians to serve in local hospitals and medical laboratories.

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