Saturday, April 12, 2008

Call Center Business Outsourcing

Call Center Business Outsourcing in Asia

Call enter business outsourcing has boomed lately in many countries in Asia including India and the Philippines, the two prime destinations for call center business by companies that offer different telemarketing related services in an outsourcing rate. There are a lot of valid and feasible reasons for this increase in call center business outsourcing interest but so far, what's most important is to learn from this new business trend that greatly affects both the economy, the market and the business environment all over the globe.

Reasons why Outsource a Call Center Business

The number one reason for this increase in call center business outsourcing may be because of so many reasons like advantage of offshore location in terms of communication, availability of skilled and well versed professionals in terms of manpower supply, low cost location rentals in terms of major finance factors, low cost hardware materials needed for the business, low set-up costs for the business, convenience in handling as it allows the call center business to improve more on other major assets and explore liabilities to make immediate solutions, no need to worry on handling a part of the business and lessens costs in operation and labor for manpower and more.

Offshore Location - Offshore location always have its say in outsourcing for a call center business or in going for help in an offshore venue for a customer support for the business you have in a 24/7 basis. This will allow you to go to sleep without having to worry that customer service is available on your business. Furthermore, offshore location will always give you the advantage of getting even more of the service your business needs in terms of customer service at a lower maintenance and handling price than you having to do it yourself within the business that you have. If you worry with communication, matters, then fear not because with call center business outsourcing, you have the choice on where you want to locate part of your business.

Labor Supply - In offshore venue and outsourcing a business, this is the most advantageous part because if you are the business owner, you won't even have to worry about getting some of the best to serve your business to an advantage over your competition. Labor supply in terms of skills is not a matter of consideration, it is in fact an automatic implementation for most outsourcing companies. Imagine getting the best in the business to serve your business purpose without even having to worry about if you are getting the best because in the outsourcing industry, especially in the call center outsourcing business, it is a must to employ only the best as their labor source is carefully sieved to get just the best juice among the fruits.

Offshore Location - In the part of the outsourcing business owner, there is no need to worry about how to get the lowest price in renting a place where you want to set-up the business because usually, offshore business locations are very cheap and literally low compared to in house. On the part of the clients, there is even lesser the worry because if the set-up costs are lower for these outsourcing companies, then eventually, it would also fall lower on your part because the chain on prices of costs of offshore outsourcing business charges may be mainly based in the costs of the set-up of the business and in this case, if the venue for set-up is low, so goes the outsourcing party costs.

Set-up Costs - If the rentals are already low, the hardware materials such as computers and other office materials are usually also lower than inhouse venues so this makes it evenly distributed in terms of set-up costs with respect to hardware which in return will also lower your outsourcing charges if you are the client.

Advantage on Handling the Call Center Business

We can even name other major reasons but so far, the most important of all is to know that the business will continue to function even without the need to check on people one by one in terms of work performance. Also, because in the call center business outsourcing trend, you can be sure that you will get the advantage of a 24/7 checking availability on the other party handling the business. That is if they were at all helping you manage your other company resources the right way by improvement and return on investment basis.


Geoffx said...

Reading this article is true. However let's not just focus on callcenters but rather also see through the problems of "outsourcing agencies" as well that caters article writing, programming, linking, SEO, keyword listing etc. As to what I have noticed, most people from the west takes advantage of the cheap labor that they get on the eastern side of the globe and I think there should as well be an article over this. Some people from the west tries to make the most out of what they pay (which is as supposed to be). However, I have encountered some who despite the contract signed would not bother to pay agencies with the amount due that have rendered service to them. They have been taking advantage somehow that the poverty and cost of cheap labor from the east, gives them the right not to bother much with paying them in time or whatever... and if they'll think closely.. as far as I have gathered.. a callcenter agent abroad would cost around $2000 a month for their service while here just about $300 and even less... and yet with their attitude, treating asians like slaves is unbearable and somehow they still manage to whine about the amount that they have to pay knowing asians are very much of a hardworker so as long as we get by with the salary that we make. Somehow my materialistic mind computes it... if an average middle class filipino would not mind spending $1000 for a louis vuitton how much more would westerners be when that's just 4 pairs of jeans from calvin klein or diesel. See my point? and i see these forums that says offshore outsourcing is getting too costly? do they have any idea that the sleepless nights and the amount they pay us here is really not that luxurious if they'll think about it... i dunno... just a thought.

masterofthe said...

hello, geof. I can see you've got the most interesting sentiments about call center outsourcing and this may be because from your words you are a call center agent or somebody in the business.

Everything you say here is true from the point where agents have to sacrifice sleepless nights and a few bucks to their cigarettes just to cope up with graveyard work and that alone is enough to know that work is not that easy as an agent.

I'm really glad that today I met a comment in my blog post so intelligently crafted to burst out one of the best concerns in the BPO and call center industry. I never knew that some these ever existed, including the sentiment that sometimes, the clients or so does not bother to pay their dues. This indeed should be part of the discussion, however, it is not to my knowledge so I never tried even just once to have it discussed here although this is a very good idea.

I hope more people like you come here in my blog and make their points of view be available. I admit I myself is not an expert in the field and still trying to see through more about BPO and call centers. Thanks for everything and I wish that you comer here again for some more of your thoughts.


Telemarketing Leads said...

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cisritu said...

The word outsourcing itself says it all, its a matter of profit and cost efficiency for business firms.

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