Sunday, April 19, 2009

Despite Crisis BPO in the Philippines Survives through Call Centers

We all know that the call center industry is probably the biggest BPO source of income for the Philippines especially now that the global economic crisis is everywhere. At first, I thought that this is the end of call center jobs but luckily, a shift of events went positively on our side of the BPO industry.

India has increased their building and office rentals and companies who are looking for call center solutions have resorted to other venues because of that. The Philippines became an alternative option along with Pakistan and China but the Filipinos are better with the English language making them the primary choice.

With the decreasing demand, many Asian countries which are prime destination for cheap labor on call center services have closed down, in fact, the Philippines is one of those that were badly hit by global economic crisis in Europe and the United States.

We saw the start of the year for the labor sector loosing their jobs in the call center industry by bulk because clients who have put up their own call center offices here by virtue of an outsourced cheaper venue lost clients abroad. This went up to the government and became alarming, resulting in loss of jobs and closure of call center companies in the early 2009.

After a few months we saw gain in interest from more countries to outsource their call center business here in the Philippines again because as I've said before, we are a prime destination not just because of cheaper outsourcing costs but because we are better at speaking the English language compared to other countries in Asia.

Numerous job fairs have been launched and it is where we have seen call center jobs as a reality more than just claims that indeed, we have recovered from the crisis. More jobs were generated with incoming call center business ventures and investments that came to the Philippines in a months time.

From my own vantage point, I can see that this will continue to boost the interest of foreign investments in the call center industry for at least 3 more years. Let us see what happens, meanwhile, we just enjoy the liberty of getting to work for call centers out there. - Tnomeralc Web Design Toys


karen said...

philippines is indeed becoming a force in the outsourcing market.
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myndconsulting said...

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Anonymous said...

Great to know that Philippines is surviving the slowdown, and making it a place for future expansion.

Richard - Your Consultant for Outsourcing needs in BPO & Callcenters

Alex said...

Great post.The crisis on Global economy is going to solve.BPO industry in Philippines is the 1st choice of clients among India,pakistan & Chaina .

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Qim Smith said...

The Philippine government should be coming up with measures to address this probable crisis in the future. Imagine how many jobs will be lost if the Call Center Industry flees the country. Unemployment will indeed boom.

Peter said...

i agree karen.

a lot of businesses are outsourcing call centers in the philippines and this is a major boost to the country's economy...

Peter said...

i agree karen.

a lot of businesses are outsourcing call centers in the philippines and this is a major boost to the country's economy...

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