Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Needs Web Hosting?

Just like what the title says, who needs web hosting these days? A friend and a brother bought his own reseller just late last October and we had the best of our time transferring our sites there from an outsourced web hosting reseller. You know what? It's great! We should have done it a long time ago as it was really simply the best feeling like having no worries about your business being down for hours.

These days, an hour or two can matter a lot especially if you are expecting lots of traffic each and every hour and you are expecting conversions from them. I remember once experiencing problems with the hosting dude who handles our websites in terms of hosting services and we must have lost about a couple of hundred dollars because all our sites were down and we cannot do anything about that. I guess the worst things in the web is when your hosting service fails to give you the service of having your sites up 24/7 the whole year.

Owning your own web hosting gives a lot of relief for you especially if you have so many websites to take care of and make available for visitors up all the time. Downtimes really hurt the business and this is something that we should avoid and so hiring the web hosting company that tell they have the best service is not really the best choice, as what Kaushal Sheth says, go for Host Monster, Host Gator of Yahoo Host. They're the best in the business. Indeed they are but if you have the financial resources, better go buy yourself the best hosting package yourself as a reseller and get yourself and your own sites your own hosting. That, my friend is the best that could happen to your site’s web hosting.

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