Saturday, March 15, 2008

NLE Review Outsourcing and NLE Free Review

NLE 2007 and the BPO Industry Nurses Labor Force

NLE 2006 and 2007 - The Nursing Licensure Exams NLE was released last December 2007 and only about 28,924 out of 67,728 passed the NLE to become members of the enlisted professional nurses that the Philippines has been sending to other countries since the boom of the nursing job market (outosurcing) in other countries. These countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia plus other countries are just some of the best destinations in outsourcing labor and manpower from the nursing industry here in the Philippines and the NLE is a road for these professional nurses now to get work offers from other outsourced destination around the world.

An article on nurses and their present condition states that the lack of these professionally recognized NLE passer nurses burdens the healthcare industry and system. NLE takes a hard time in terms of preparation and study in order to pass and this has something to do with improving the present condition of the nursing care industry in the Philippines today. In the long run, it will help these nurses, especially those who passed the December 2007 NLE (Nursing Licensure Exams).

NLE Free Review for Retakers fo the Exam Last 2007

The Philippine Information Agency has released a news about an offered a free review for those nurses who failed to pass the recent NLE (Nursing Licensure Exam) who came from Davao. DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) in cooperation with its only authorized review center, the San Pedro College will accommodate 200 reviewers at most set on April 16-22 for the first batch and another on April 23-29 for the third batch.

In an article I read at the PIA official website from March 2007, this is how it goes "This was bared by DOLE assistant director Raymundo Agravante as his office is now conducting and information dissemination drive to tell June 2006 passers about the free 6-day special review now being handled by the DOLE."

This was an act by DOLE based on E.O. 609 in cooperation with the Board of Nursing (B.O.N.) and as part of the process of the PRC (Philippine Regulation Commission) to launch a re-take exams which will be in allignment with the June 11, 2006 NLE.

Many of our KABABAYANS are hoping that this same situation will also be launched this year, 2008, to help the nursing industry move on to increase the number of professional nurses to pass the NLE in the coming years and help striving nurses to become recognized worldwide to come from the Philippines, a top outsourcing venue for these professional labor source.

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