Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Additional to the BPO Philippines Companies

I admit, this must be the first time that I got up close and personal with another existing BPO company here in the Philippines for more than 4 years now in the online BPO business. Aside from my own personal clients in link building jobs outsourced to me from SEM-Pros in different BPO industries from telemarketing outsourcing, call center outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing medical transcription outsourcing and data entry outsourcing, Invisant is another BPO company concentrating on small business needs.

Invisant is a company more in providing lead generation and back end support and this is where the core of the business is concentrated right now. By the constant evolution of the business environment and new methods of marketing a business online, Invisant envisions their team as a pool of professionals who are willing to render services in BPO small business, making it a little bit easier for these types of businesses to get a grip of the advantages of offshore outsourcing, otherwise known as business process outsourcing (BPO).

With reliable service and professional lead generation groups in other countries like the Philippines, Invisant is optimistic that they will be able to tap in the need for BPO services and other BPO related industries adjacent to the original source. Another one of Invisant's goal is to deliver quality professional BPO services to allow client companies to concentrate more on improving other main resources while growing and having enough time to improve on other company resources under offshore management outsourcing.

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